Speaking Samples

Securing Serverless by Breaking In

I compromise a sample serverless app and give general recommendations for serverless security.

A Post Mortem on the Ingen Incident

The premise behind this talk was that I am a software developer with an interest in Chaos Engineering and Engineering Ethics who was brought in by Ingen to do a post mortem after the events depicted in Jurassic Park.

We are 3000 Years Behind: Let’s Talk about Engineering Ethics

I discuss the ways in which my former field (civil/structural engineering) is accountable to the public and how in many ways, software development is behind.

Writing Samples

Python Security Best Practices Cheat Sheet

This is a breakdown of ten things you can do to up your Python security skills.

Uncharted Territories: The Untold Tale of Helm Chart Security

An in depth look at known vulnerabilities in stable Helm charts

.NET Open Source Security Insights

This is a report on known vulnerabilities within the .NET ecosystem.

A year-old dormant malicious remote code execution vulnerability discovered in Webmin

This is a blog post I turned around in a day to respond to a new malicious attack.

Engineering Ethics and the Responsible Use of Open Source Software

This post includes a brief overview on some of the benefits and challenges associated with the use of Open Source Software. I also list ideas for maintainers, companies, individuals, and communities who are interested in using Open Source in an ethical way.

Career Advice

This is a friendly summary of some of the Career and Job Searching advice that I have gained over the last few months as I continue to look for a Developer Relations Job. It got a bit of attention and was retweeted by Mary Thengvall and featured in her DevRel Weekly newsletter (Issue 29).

Seismic Analysis of Structures: A Summary of Current Methods

This is the capstone to my MS in Structural Engineering from UCSD. I am now in a different industry, but I believe that this paper does a good job demonstrating my technical writing ability.

Sample Projects

My Marathon Buddy

My Marathon Buddy is a small personal project I launched recently. The source code can be found here.

I will be writing some blog posts and other content associated with the project. I also have a list of issues to address and features to add now that I have the minimum viable product launched. The first of these posts can be found here.

Note: I am unsure of how/if this works for numbers outside of the US.