Speaking Samples

Securing Serverless by Breaking In

I compromise a sample serverless app and give general recommendations for serverless security.

A Post Mortem on the Ingen Incident

The premise behind this talk was that I am a software developer with an interest in Chaos Engineering and Engineering Ethics who was brought in by Ingen to do a post mortem after the events depicted in Jurassic Park.

We are 3000 Years Behind: Let’s Talk about Engineering Ethics

I discuss the ways in which my former field (civil/structural engineering) is accountable to the public and how in many ways, software development is behind.

Writing Samples

Read my latest on

This is my profile and includes some of my favorite work.

Python Security Best Practices Cheat Sheet

This is a breakdown of ten things you can do to up your Python security skills.

Uncharted Territories: The Untold Tale of Helm Chart Security

An in depth look at known vulnerabilities in stable Helm charts

.NET Open Source Security Insights

This is a report on known vulnerabilities within the .NET ecosystem.

A year-old dormant malicious remote code execution vulnerability discovered in Webmin

This is a blog post I turned around in a day to respond to a new malicious attack.

Engineering Ethics and the Responsible Use of Open Source Software

This post includes a brief overview on some of the benefits and challenges associated with the use of Open Source Software. I also list ideas for maintainers, companies, individuals, and communities who are interested in using Open Source in an ethical way.

Career Advice

This is a friendly summary of some of the Career and Job Searching advice that I have gained over the last few months as I continue to look for a Developer Relations Job. It got a bit of attention and was retweeted by Mary Thengvall and featured in her DevRel Weekly newsletter (Issue 29).

Seismic Analysis of Structures: A Summary of Current Methods

This is the capstone to my MS in Structural Engineering from UCSD. I am now in a different industry, but I believe that this paper does a good job demonstrating my technical writing ability.

Sample Projects

In Case of Emergency

This is a sample project that was a runner up (out of more than 200 projects) for a recent Twilio x DEV hackathon.

In Case of Emergency provides the following via text to emergency personnel or a Good Samaritan who finds you in need:

  • Medically relevant information(allergies, known conditions, blood type, anything that you personally would want a doctor to know in an emergency)
  • Medications and any relevant dosing information
  • Names and phone numbers of your emergency contacts