Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Engineering Ethics and Open Source Software

Pycon 2019, Cleveland, OH May 1-9, 2019



Previous Speaking Experience

Welcome to Jurassic Park: Where Chaos and Engineering Ethics Collide

North Bay Python, Petaluma, CA, November 3-4, 2018


Recursion, Fractals, and the Python Turtle Module

Europython 2018, Edinburgh, UK July 23-29, 2018

San Diego Python User Group, San Diego, CA, June 28, 2018

PyCascades, Seattle, WA, February 23-24, 2019


We are 3000 Years Behind: Let’s Talk about Engineering Ethics

Go Northwest, Seattle, WA, July 30

CodeDaze, vol 2, Buffalo, NY, September 14-15, 2018

San Diego Python User Group, San Diego, CA September 27, 2018

API City, Seattle, WA, October 3-4, 2018

Pygotham, New York, NY, October 5-6, 2018

Djangocon, San Diego, CA, October 15-17, 2018


From the Ashes: Rebuilding your Career After a Breakdown in Mental Health

Code & Supply’s Heartifacts Conference, Pittsburgh, PA, April 20, 2018


Python Turtles and Learning to Code: Lightning Talk

Pycon 2016, Portland, OR, June 1, 2016


Your First Year in Practice: What to Expect from your First Engineering Job

Structural Engineering Association of San Diego, San Diego, CA, 2013