A Beginning and an Adventure


I am glad you made your way here for the inaugural blog post. Have a party favor! Take a seat and get comfy. There are chips and dip to your left.

What’s Up

I am currently up to my eyeballs in planning for my European Python Adventure (TM). This will hopefully include visiting some family in the Netherlands, before hanging out on Baker Street in London, and then taking an sleeper train to Edinburgh for EuroPython.

I am a speaker for the event and will be giving a talk called: “Recursion, Fractals, and the Python Turtle Module”. Look for a blog post once the talk has been given! This talk should be a good mix of fun, information, and code.

On my way home I am flying to Seattle (aka my favorite city and potential future home depending on how my job search goes) and will be giving another talk at Go Northwest.  Seeing as they use Go, they aren’t so much interested in my Turtle talk. I am presenting on engineering ethics, from my unique perspective as a licensed civil engineer. I am shooting for engaging, not guilt-tripy.

I am in the beginning stages of a job search. The last time I did this was for my first job as a developer and was three years ago. All I wanted was a foot in the door, and I got that and many other lovely things–like an awesome team. This time around, I am shooting for something very specific with regards to title, responsibilities, and location. (Basically I want to move into the developer relations space and I would love to be doing it in the Pacific Northwest!)

Code and Such

At work I am busy helping our Quality Assurance lead set up her machine and poke into our code base a bit because she will soon be writing code to solve the data problems that she faces. She has worked with Python before, but not in large scale projects or in a team environment. I am her designated contact on the dev team and we are probably going to do some pairing as she begins to commit code.

On the personal coding side, I am going to be writing some turtle code to correspond to my talk for EuroPython.

Something Nice

I aim to please, always enjoy finding gems on the internet, and love to share. In that spirit, I present to you my current favorite corner of the internet– The Golden Ratio. This bunch of Golden Retrievers are adorable, funny, and sweet. Their person is a Computer Science professor who runs marathon. I especially like their podcast and youtube channel.  You’re welcome.

Until next time, thanks for joining me for my inaugural blog post.

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