Parseltongue: Tips for Speaking at Python Conferences

Harry Potter, boy wizard, has an innate ability to communicate with snakes–to speak Parseltongue. At first he isn’t aware that it is a special skill–he isn’t even aware that he can do it! But he figures it out and at a few points in JK Rowling’s stories, Harry uses this ability to achieve his goals.Continue reading “Parseltongue: Tips for Speaking at Python Conferences”

Engineering Ethics and the Responsible Use of Open Source Software

Engineering Ethics There is a discussion happening within tech communities on the subject of engineering ethics. It is a multifaceted, nuanced, interesting topic. For the purposes of this post, it is reasonable to define engineering ethics as developers accepting responsibility for the code they write and the impact that their code has on others. BeforeContinue reading “Engineering Ethics and the Responsible Use of Open Source Software”

Introducing My Marathon Buddy

I needed a sample project. And that could only mean one thing–I was going to build something related to running. I can’t explain this impulse except by saying that I am easily motivated by these sorts of projects. So I would like to introduce you to My Marathon Buddy, an app that aims to make yourContinue reading “Introducing My Marathon Buddy”

Giving A Talk Multiple Times Over

It is the middle of October, and I have just finished up giving my intimidatingly named talk We are 3000 Years Behind, Let’s Talk About Engineering Ethics. Djangocon 2018 is the fifth conference where I have given this particular talk since July. My local python user group was also kind enough to let me practice on themContinue reading “Giving A Talk Multiple Times Over”