I Did the Thing

almost didn’t apply.

My twitter friend Mary knew I was looking for my first Developer Relations job. She tagged me in a reply to a tweet she saw about a company who was looking for junior developer relations people.

I navigated over to the job post only for my heart to sink a little. The position was listed as located in London–a mere 5,500 miles from where I live. Gulp. That couldn’t be good. But before clicking away and forgetting about the position, I read a little about the company and team. It sounded awesome! Their product was something that I thought was genuinely useful to developers. I knew this could be a great role.

Instead of forgetting about it, I reached out to the person who had tweeted about the role. I asked her if the company would consider a remote US advocate. Yes they would.

So I applied. Even though it was Thanksgiving and my weekend was busy. Even though my kitchen flooded and I arguably had enough going on, dealing with contractors and insurance people. I applied and I am glad I did.

I start mid January.


More details to come. Suffice to say, I am excited.

I am also very thankful for every person who retweeted my job searching tweets, for everyone who connected me to a job post, for the advocates I have met in this year of conference speaking and gave me a glimpse into their work, for the organizers who selected my talk proposals, and for my manager who was very flexible with my schedule as I chased my goal.

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